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14 August 2017 | 58
New Volume - Now available!

The many Faces of Crime for Profit and Ways of Tackling it
Petrus C. van Duyne, Jackie Harvey, Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Klaus von Lampe (eds.), Wolf Legal Publishers 2017 Oisterwijk (NETH),ISBN: 9789462404366 (445 pages)

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The national diversity of Europe is reflected in the diversity of its criminal landscape and history. From the north of Scotland to Ukraine one finds different focal points and patterns of crimes and criminal entrepreneurs. This does not necessarily lead to a corresponding reaction of the authorities. Some responses are the result of a gradually developed form of cross-border cooperation, as is the case between Poland and Germany, other authorities appear carried away with emotional decision making and an inflexible political correctness as is observed in the field of the sex service industry. In another country, in the adjacent field of child trafficking, we find the converse: no response as victims are not labelled as such. And no victim label, no criminal law policy. Where the interactions between the upper- and underworld come into sight, this volume presents the reader with a select picture gallery of criminal faces: from corrupt football to remarkable criminal finances in Ukraine, to fraud and criminal abuse in the informal or quack health sector. Naturally, each face has its own pretences in order to hide its criminal background, be it large scale cannabis growing in the Netherlands or organised cybercrime from Romania to all countries in Europe. Indeed, the criminal portrait series in this Cross-border Crime Volume shows that criminal Europe does not lead to a boring uniformity, despite the fear of globalism. This sixteenth volume of the Cross-border Crime Colloquium contains the seventeen peer-reviewed contributions of 26 authors presented in 2016 at the Cross-border Crime Colloquium held at Northumbria University, Newcastle. The authors represent upcoming experts and established researchers in the field of (organised) crime for profit and related policies. The contributions are based on empirical research and independent analysis and provide new data and insights on which to build new theories and future research.

14 August 2017 | 57
Photographs of a successful 2017 Colloquium (Bratislava)
(courtesy Tomás Stremy)

24 October 2016 | 56
Announcement 2017 Colloquium in Bratislava, Slovakia

The 18th Cross-border Crime Colloquium will be hosted by
Comenius University, Faculty of Law in Bratislava, Slovakia on 18 -20 June 2017

Criminogenic, Criminal, and Criminalized Movements Across Borders

  • The refugee problem of central and south-east Europe;
  • Human trafficking and smuggling;
  • Foreign and home brewed terrorism;
  • Money and the offshore world (the Panama syndrome);
  • Corruption in EU-applicant states; appearances and reality;
  • Illegal commodities: drugs and arms
For information, please contact
Prof. Dr. Petrus C. van Duyne: p.vanduyne@uu.nl
Doc. Dr. Tomas.Stremy: tomas.stremy@flaw.uniba.sk

Call for Papers

Those interested in participating in the Colloquium are invited to submit a title and 200 word abstract before 15 December 2016 to the coordinators mentioned above. Participants are expected to submit their papers for publication in the colloquium book series. Papers will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. More information on the Cross-border Crime Colloquium book series is available at http://www.cross-border-crime.net/

Participation in the Colloquium is free of charge. The hosting institution, the Criminal Policy Research Centre, invites contributors presenting a paper to the welcome dinner at the eve of the event and offers them accommodation (bed & breakfast) for two nights. Lunch and refreshments will be provided to all attendees. Travel expenses have to be paid for by the participants. We very much look forward to welcoming you to Bratislava.

21 June 2016 | 55
New Volume - Now available!

Petrus C. van Duyne, Miroslav Scheinost, Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Jackie Harvey, Klaus von Lampe (eds.), Wolf Legal Publishers 2016 Nijmegen (NETH),ISBN: 978-94-6240-316-1 (415 pages)

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In this Cross-border Crime Volume a number of important European criminal narratives have been brought together. The chapters speak of criminal ‘narratives’ having a particular leitmotif around which elements of criminal phenomena are ordered such that a specifi c meaning can be conveyed. Corruption, organised and economic crime, fraud and money laundering are important themes for narratives about crime in Europe. The phenomenon of corruption has many common elements, which in each country become re-arranged into a national narrative or discourse. At present such narratives on corruption in Eastern Europe are highly relevant, in particular in view of the relationships with the EU. Also the organised crime narrative still has a prominent place in the European crime scene, whether it concerns Russian organised crime or cybercrime, targeting banks as well as individuals. The organisation of fraud and economic crime remains a serious challenge to consumers as well as the business sector. Amidst all these high-level forms of criminal organisation one can also fi nd “traditional” versions of organised lawlessness, for example outlaw motorcycle gangs that continue to capture the imagination of law enforcement and the general public, not only Scandinavia. This fi fteenth volume of the Cross-border Crime Colloquium, held once a year at a different location in Europe since 1999, contains the peer reviewed contributions of 18 internationally established and up-coming experts in the fi eld of organised and economic crime, corruption, fraud and money laundering. The chapters are based on original empirical data and critical analysis and provide new insights in these fi elds, stimulating a critical discourse on criminal phenomena in Europe and beyond.

25 March 2016 | 54
Free download: complete volume!

Another Colloquium Volume
is now available in full text - for free!: Cross-border crime inroads on integrity in Europe.
Petrus C. van Duyne, Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Almir Maljevic, Jackie Harvey, Tom Vander Beken, Klaus von Lamp, (Eds.) Wolf Legal Publishers, 2010, Nijmegen (NETH), 10th Colloquium, 2010 , 417 pages, Published: 11-2010, ISBN (softcover) : 9789058505774, Recommended Retail Price EUR 32.50, now freely available as e-Book (PDF)

Simply go to the `Free Downloads` section and download for free.

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The Cross-Border Crime Colloquium is an annual event since 1999. It brings together experts on international organised (economic) crime to discuss the latest developments in empirical research, legislation and law enforcement, with a special geographical focus on Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. The Colloquia aim at building bridges in three respects: between East and West Europe, between scholars and practitioners, and between old and young.
2017Bratislava, Slovakia
2016Newcastle, United Kingdom
2015Prague, Czech Republic
2014Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzeg.
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2005Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzeg.
2004Berlin, Germany
2003Ainring, Germany
2002Ljubljana, Slovenia
2001Bratislava, Slovakia
2000Budapest, Hungary
1999Prague, Czech Republic

The next Colloquium will be held in Newcastle, United Kingdom. For information, please contact For information, please contact
Prof. Dr. Petrus C. van Duyne: p.vanduyne@uu.nl
Professor Jackie Harvey: Jackie.Harvey@northumbria.ac.uk
Prof. Georgios A. Antonopoulos: G.Antonopoulos@tees.ac.uk

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