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Colloquium 2020

The 21th Cross-border Crime Colloquium will be hosted by the
The Police University College, Kongsvinger, Norway on 25 to 27 May 2020

Cross-border Crime: how global can it be?

suggested subjects for papers:

  • Crimes against the environment
  • Is there an ‘Organised Climate Crime’?
  • Emission tampering in the car industry
  • War on poaching endangered species and organised crime
  • Laundering illegally logged wood
  • Laundering and real estate
  • Criminal finances in Europe: big banks and big laundering.
  • Real estate and foreign capital in the UK
  • Asset recovery: it hurts, but does it reduce crime?
  • Off-shore Financial Centres: criminal conduits or hoarding places?
  • Liberalisation of the cannabis market: effects
  • Motor cycle gangs: prohibited and gone underground?
  • ‘Crimigration’ after the migrant crisis
  • Cyber crime: old wine in new sacks or a really new branch

This is not a limited list of topics: other criminal subjects concerning cross-border crime related to Europe are welcome.
Click here for the (draft) program

Call for Papers

Participation in the Colloquium is free of charge. The hosting institution invites contributors presenting a paper to the welcome dinner at the eve of the event and offers them accommodation (bed & breakfast) for two nights. Lunch, dinner and refreshments will be provided to all attendees. Travel expenses have to be paid for by the participants.

Those interested in participating in the Colloquium are invited to submit a title and 200 word abstract before 15 December 2019 to the coordinators mentioned above. Participants are expected to submit their papers for publication in the Colloquium book series. Papers will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. More in-formation on the Cross-border Crime Colloquium book series is available at For information, please contact
Prof. Dr. Paul Larsson: Prof. Dr. Petrus C. van Duyne:

About CCC

The Cross-Border Crime Colloquium is an annual event since 1999. It brings together experts on international organised (economic) crime to discuss the latest developments in empirical research, legislation and law enforcement, with a special geographical focus on Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. The Colloquia aim at building bridges in three respects: between East and West Europe, between scholars and practitioners, and between old and young.
2019Utrecht, the Netherlands
2018Kharkiv, Ukraine
2017Bratislava, Slovakia
2016Newcastle, United Kingdom
2015Prague, Czech Republic
2014Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzeg.
2013Cambridge, United Kingdom
2012Manchester, United Kingdom
2011Tilburg, The Netherlands
2009Ghent, Belgium
2008Beograd, Serbia
2007Prague, Czech Republic
2006Tallinn, Estonia
2005Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzeg.
2004Berlin, Germany
2003Ainring, Germany
2002Ljubljana, Slovenia
2001Bratislava, Slovakia
2000Budapest, Hungary
1999Prague, Czech Republic

The next Colloquium will be held in Newcastle, United Kingdom. For information, please contact For information, please contact
Prof. Dr. Petrus C. van Duyne:
Professor Jackie Harvey:
Prof. Georgios A. Antonopoulos:

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