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Police corruption through eyes of bribers: The ambivalence of sinners
Datzer, Darko; Maljevic, Almir; Muratbegovic, Elmedin; Budimlic, Muhamed

This contribution addresses one very interesting fact: people, generally, con-demn corruption, yet they see it as a very convenient mean to achieve some personal (legal or illegal) goals and, therefore, find various ways to justify their own illegal behaviour. Research conducted on 1272 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina has shown that, although they see corruption as one of the biggest problems of the country, they would accept to corrupt or be corrupted if they could benefit from it. The integrity scale, created for the purpose of this research project, has shown that around one fifth of all respon-dents have no problems deploying corrupt practices to satisfy their personal needs. These results were confirmed by the discriminant analysis which clearly showed that there are two groups of people: tolerant ones - who have benevolent attitude towards corruption and intolerant ones - and those who are of the opinion that corruption is absolutely unacceptable. Psychological variables proved to have the strongest discriminative impact whereas socio-logical ones proved to have only dispositional impact.

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The Cross-Border Crime Colloquium is an annual event since 1999. It brings together experts on international organised (economic) crime to discuss the latest developments in empirical research, legislation and law enforcement, with a special geographical focus on Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. The Colloquia aim at building bridges in three respects: between East and West Europe, between scholars and practitioners, and between old and young.
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The 22nd Cross-border Crime Colloquium will be hosted by the The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland on 10 and 11 October 2022. We will soon share the agenda and details on how to attend.
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