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Ruling human trafficking in the UK and the Ukraine
Markovska, Anna; Moore, Coleen

This paper addresses the issues of human trafficking, and in particular, sex trafficking in Europe, identifying problems experienced by the `supply` countries such as Ukraine, and `demand countries` such as the UK. The paper analyses the development of human trafficking legislation in the UK and Ukraine, explains some of the official statistics on human trafficking as well as exploring the impact of judicial corruption in the supply countries, such as Ukraine. In 1998 Ukraine became the first country of the Former Soviet Union to make human trafficking a criminal offence. However, it has become appar-ent that the law did not accommodate for different types of human trafficking, and the definition of the crime of human trafficking did not correspond to similar international developments. The New Criminal Code adopted in 2001 has addressed these problems. We are investigating the official statis-tics on the number of criminal cases registered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine, the number of criminal cases dropped and the number of cases reaching the court. A comparison with comparable activities and avail-able data in the UK will also be discussed.

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The Cross-Border Crime Colloquium is an annual event since 1999. It brings together experts on international organised (economic) crime to discuss the latest developments in empirical research, legislation and law enforcement, with a special geographical focus on Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. The Colloquia aim at building bridges in three respects: between East and West Europe, between scholars and practitioners, and between old and young.
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The 22nd Cross-border Crime Colloquium will be hosted by the The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland on 10 and 11 October 2022. We will soon share the agenda and details on how to attend.
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